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Our hydrotherapy pool is fully accessible with overhead hoist from the assisted changing room to the pool

Hydrotherapy is beneficial for those with a disability whether permanent or temporary, mental, or physical. It has so many benefits for by a wide spectrum of people; those with a disability or disabilities, those recovering from injury, those with mobility issues or those who have problems with movement. It is gentle movement or exercise in a warm water pool which helps to improve muscle function, can improve balance, and help ease aches and pains and encourage relaxation. The warmth at 33 degrees, allows tight muscles and tendons to relax and permits stretching of joints and limbs. It also relieves chronic pain, and the exercise improves cardiovascular and respiratory function. The weightlessness and support of the water allows freedom of movement to paralysed limbs and provides a force against which to exercise, to maintain muscle strength and tone.

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Features and useful information

  • Spacious assisted changing room with overhead twin overhead hoist systems to transfer swimmers safely to the pool
  • The assisted changing room has individual changing beds with hoist and shower for non mobile swimmers
  • Self-led pool use is available for our members - An unassisted swim session, doing your own thing.
Features and useful information
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Membership is £5 per year for an individual / £10 per year for a family.

Health questions on the membership application form will be reviewed by a Chamwell Centre professional to determine the safety of the applicant for the hydrotherapy pool.

From there visits to use the pool can be booked in - 45 minutes £7 for an adult or a child. This is using the facility on a self-led basis. We have tailored group sessions for adults, children and babies, including swim lessons throughout the week. Email: Bookings@chamwellcentre.org.uk for a membership form.

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