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Our Contributors and Major Donors

The Bradbury Foundation

The Bradbury Foundation has supported Chamwell since the early stages of the appeal, and provided funds to build and equip the Bradbury Discovery Zone.

MariaMarina Foundation

The MariaMarina Foundation offered advice and encouragement, together with a major donation, allowing the construction phase at Chamwell to be completed on target, with subsequent donations in support of our all ability choir, in conjunction with Soundabout.

The Pied Piper Appeal

Valued supporters of The Chamwell Centre from the very beginning, lending support and advice. Their donation funded the Pied Piper Adventure Playground and the Pied Piper Soft Play area, both of which are fully accessible to non-ambulant children. Pied Piper subsequently pledged a donation towards Pied Piper Playdays, giving regular short break care to children with complex additional needs.

St James's Place Foundation

Supported Chamwell from its earliest days, giving valuable advice and making a major donation to the capital appeal, funding the entire St James's Place Hydrotherapy Pool complex, along with some of the external facilities. The Foundation made a subsequent donation over two years to provide a paediatric aquatic physiotherapist.

Gloucestershire Arthritis Trust

Grant funding from Gloucestershire Arthritis Trust has enabled us to investigate the use of hydrotherapy for children and adolescents with joint hypermobility syndrome.

Garfield Weston Foundation

Made a major donation towards the capital cost of the Chamwell Centre, enabling the Charity to commence work on detailed architecture, technical design, engineering plans, and complex construction work which resulted in the state-of-the-art building and unique facilities of the Chamwell Centre.

Gloucestershire Disability Fund

Made a major donation towards the communal areas on the upper floor, providing facilities for people with disability of all ages to meet for a meal in the Cafe, access group activities, clubs, social events including the all ability choir and educational events. These areas will also provide work experience and opportunities for supported social interaction.

The Clothworkers' Foundation

The Clothworkers Foundation made a generous contribution to Chamwell's capital appeal.

Barnwood Trust

The Barnwood Trust community grants programme made a major donation towards the Café area providing facilities for people with disability of all ages to meet and socialise with friends and family. Barnwood Trust continues, in our operational phase, to offer both financial support and advice.

The Baily Thomas Charitable Fund

The Bailey Thomas Charitable Fund has twice made generous donations to Chamwell, especially directed towards facilities for people with learning disabilities.

Cheltenham College

The pupils and staff of Cheltenham College have volunteered practical help as well as making Chamwell their Prefects Charity of the year, raising money through rugby matches and a whole school sponsored walk.

The Edward Gostling Foundation

In line with the Edward Gostling Foundation's purpose of creating positive change to the lives of disadvantaged people, Chamwell has been supported more than once by the generous donation made by the Foundation.

Allchurches (Ecclesiastical)

As a local charity, with direct personal links to Chamwell, The Allchurches Trust have generously supported the appeal and leant their encouragement and enthusiasm for the project.

The Beatrice Laing Trust

The Beatrice Laing Trust made a generous donation to Chamwell during the construction phase, providing a major contribution to our wonderful building..

Peter Harrison Foundation

As a trust supporting ‘opportunities through sport’ Chamwell was delighted to receive a generous grant from the Peter Harrison Foundation towards ensuring accessibility for all.

The Wooden Spoon Foundation

The amazing interactive climbing wall at Chamwell, which is fully accessible to all with additional needs, was generously provided by the Wooden Spoon Foundation.

National Lottery Community Fund

The National Lottery Community Fund has generously supported The Chamwell Centre both with emergency funding to provide services in response to the COVID crisis, and by offering their expert advice.

29 May 1961 Charitable Trust

The 1961 May 1961 Charitable Trust made a generous donation towards Chamwell's capital appeal.

Albert Hunt Trust

The Albert Hunt Trust generously supported the work of the Chamwell Centre.

GMC Action Fund (Gloucestershire Masonic Charity)

Thanks to a generous legacy in memory of Trevor Portlock, GMC provided funds to create our all ability servery.

The February Foundation

The February Foundation has made repeated generous contributions to the core costs of the Chamwell Centre.

The GCF COVID 19 Emergency Fund

At the time of the crisis caused by the COVID lockdown, Gloucestershire Community Foundation made a generous donation to enable hydrotherapy sessions to be offered to people with disability.

The Thomas Wall Trust

The Thomas Wall Trust have generously supported Chamwell's work, with provision of work experience for young people with additional needs.

Sian and Charles Jennings

Sian and Charles have been generous supporters of the Chamwell Centre, lending repeated encouragement and financial support from the earliest stages of the project.

The Hedley Foundation

The Headley Foundation has provided equipment for pre-school children with severe and complex needs.

The Blue Spark Foundation

The Blue Spark Foundation provided funds to purchase a set of kick frames for Chamwell's adapted football programme.

The PF Charitable Trust

The PF Charitable Trust have generously contributed to Chamwell's core costs.

GCF Freemasons COVID 19

Gloucestershire Freemasons have provided emergency funding in response to COVID, providing hydrotherapy for those with severe physical disability.

The Sedbury Trust

The Sedbury Trust generously purchased a set of special changing trolleys to be used in the Chamwell's assisted change areas of the hydrotherapy suite.

The Renishaw Staff Fund

The Renishaw Staff Fund have supported Chamwell generously since the early days of the Charity, and have made repeated donations.

The Bruce Wake Charitable Trust

The Bruce Wake Charitable Trust has generously provided funds enabling Chamwell to purchase two additional RaceRunning frames.

The Wolfson Foundation

The Wolfson Foundation made a major contribution towards the construction of facilities which are fully accessible to people of all ages with additional needs.

Creed Foodservice

Chamwell is most grateful to Creed Foodservice for their wonderful support, from construction through to operations.... "At Creed Foodservice our charity work is extremely important to us and The Chamwell Centre is an amazing local charity that we hold close to our hearts. We have been fortunate to support the charity over the past few years, witnessing the amazing work that they do to enhance children’s wellbeing. Throughout this time, we have had the opportunity to support with fundraising events to raise money for their hydrotherapy pool and the opening of the café. As one of our dedicated charity partners, we look forward to continuing and growing our relationship with The Chamwell Centre in the future."

The Haslam Foundation

The Haslam Foundation has, and continues to generously support  The Chamwell Centre Charity since inception.

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The Chamwell Centre was built entirely by charitable funding and will rely on the generosity of the public, businesses and charitable trusts to continue its work and to ensure that children and adults in Gloucestershire can enjoy its facilities.

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