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Booking Categories

Penguins - General Public Use (10 Max)

General use – for anyone up to age 12 years, all abilities.

Tiddlers - Babies 6 Months to 3 Years

For all babies and toddlers to enjoy the soft play (must be accompanied by parent/carer). Not sole use.

Open Play

Open for anyone to book their child in for soft play (up to 8 children). If your child with additional needs or disabilities requires exclusive or sole use, please call the centre on 01452 767 700 or email admin@chamwellcentre.org.uk to reserve a session.

Opening times
TERM TIME - After School Hours
THURSDAY TERM TIME - 9.30 -12.30
EVERY WEEKEND - Open 10am - 5pm (Saturday) 4pm (Sunday)
SCHOOL HOLIDAYS - Week days - Open all day from 10am
EVERY WEEKEND - Open 10am - 5pm (Saturday) 4pm (Sunday)

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